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Electronically Invoicing the Public Administration

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Before proceeding, it is useful to know


You can transmit and/or receive electronic invoices also through a Certified Electronic Mail (CEM) address (PEC in italian): in this case, no type of prior registration is necessary.

The registration request is only necessary if a subject intends to create its own dedicated, always active, electronic channel ( FTP or Web-Service) between its servers and the Exchange System: this procedure is therefore addressed to those operators who are characterized by a high degree of computerization, that are able to manage the system connected to SDI with continuity and with constant staff support and that need to transmit and/or receive a very large number of electronic invoice files.

Please note that neither CEM nor registered electronic channel (FTP or Web-Service) need to be assigned to the operator that must transmit/receive the electronic invoice (seller/provider or buyer/orderer), but the latter can transmit/receive its own invoices also through one or more intermediaries CEM or electronic channel.

To receive further details on the advisability of using an electronic channel of type FTP or Web-Service rather than CEM please check with the support channels on this site or contact the free number 800299940.

If you are sure you want to proceed with the registration request of the FTP or Web-Service channel, select the button 'Continue' else 'Quit'.